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Who is Andari?

I am the owner of The Prosperity Tree.

Who is Andari? I am both intuitive and impressionable while also being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. I am here to guide you through your spiritual quest to become more connected with yourself. I am an Adept Priestess, a proud member of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education and your new spiritual guide. I have experienced living in three different countries and have adapted to many cultures. I understand the universe and our special place within it. I have been granted a gift that allows me to see beyond the present life and into the forthcoming. Who are you? Do you want to explore your life on a deeper level? You found me for a reason. I am here to lead you through the unknown. Let’s explore your new journey together and allow yourself the opportunity to create your next chapter into a new light.

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Let The Stars Guide You

"Andari is very accurate and gifted; I was truly amazed by my chart reading. Each day forward, since then, I have noticed these things coming to light. Feeling very positive and looking forward to what will become. I will definitely be booking a group reading for my family and friends. They would truly appreciate this experience."


Miss Michele G.
"Andari read my Synastry Chart, and I was blown away with the detailed insights she presented me. Was well worth it... she is right on the money... truly gifted and very knowledgeable... I highly recommend The Prosperity Tree... awesome."


Ray E.
"I was introduced to Andari and her gifts through a mutual friend who recommended I consider her perspective during a particular period of stress for me. She has emphatic clarity and shares messages, themes and lessons with respect, love and true caring. Andari genuinely cares about those who seek her out. As a result of meeting her for my stressful life event, I now choose to regularly seek out her guidance and support as it was so valuable to me."


Christine W.

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