What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart or natal chart is essentially a snapshot or map of the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and astrological aspects and angles at the time of your birth. In astrology, a birth chart explains how these positions influence aspects of our life like our personalities, love life, wealth and success. These insights can help us to make decisions, understand the best timing for important changes and identify opportunities for growth.

How Can I Calculate my Birth Chart?

To calculate your astrological birth chart, you will need to know your date, place and specific time of birth. Without your specific birth time, you will not get as accurate results and you will not be able to correctly identify your rising sign or the houses that the planets in your chart fall in. You can choose a time close to your birth time or enter 12:00 noon if you aren’t sure and you will still get some information. If you’re looking to calculate your birth chart, Prosperity Tree has a new feature where you can calculate a FREE astrological natal chart.

What’s the Difference Between a Free Birth Chart & a Professional Chart?

The most important part of a natal chart is being able to interpret the information. Your natal chart will give you lots of information on specific traits, but it can be difficult to interpret this information without bias. A professional astrologer will be able to assess your birth chart and interpret the information based on you specifically. This will allow you to gain an understanding about yourself, your love life, health, success, wealth, career and more. An astrologer you will give you an outside perspective so that you can gain knowledge about yourself that you may not be willing to accept or do not believe is a representation of yourself. A birth chart identifies the good and bad, your strengths and your weaknesses, so it is important to have an open mind.

As you’re experienced astrologer and spiritual guide, I can answer questions you have about your birth chart what it means. Additionally, I can help to guide you in the direction you would like to take so you can feel confident in your future. It only makes sense that the vast and mysterious universe has an influence on how events in our lives unfold, as we are just a small piece of a larger puzzle. Astrology is the art of interpreting these influences and patterns to understand how they affect us as individuals. You have the ability to attract and manifest what you desire in life and with the help of the stars, I can guide you.

What Can a Birth Chart Tell Me?

An astrologer will look for many things in a birth chart and provide intuition that can help you gain a greater sense of self. Once you understand yourself you will have a better understanding of the paths you should take and how you can overcome challenges. Once you read your birth chart, you will instantly relate to these characteristics and feel as though you now understand why you do the things that you do. Below are some of the factors that go into determining your birth chart:

  • Your zodiac sign & the 12 houses each planet is in
  • The moon’s zodiac sign which represents your heart and inner self
  • Venus, Mars & the house for love
  • Saturn – represents areas you may need improvement
  • Jupiter: represents luck 
  • The ‘aspects’ or the angles between planets & zodiac signs like the rising sign which represents how you appear in public 
  • A stellium – any 3 or more planets in one sign, creating a strong, specific energy
  • The balance of elements – the planets in fire, earth, water and air signs
  • The balance of qualities in the charts – the planets in cardinal, mutable or fixed signs
  • The type of pattern formed by the planets

Other Charts With Andari From Prosperity Tree

If you’re interested in learning more about yourself, your relationships with your family and friends, your financial security, your love life and your career, you may be interested in the other charts I provide. I am experienced in reading astrology and charts including birth charts, synastry or relationship charts and event charts. I am a member of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education and I am constantly expanding my learning. A great time to get a chart done is on your birthday. I offer a special birthday package including personalized Transits and Solar Return charts, a natal chart and synastry chart.

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Also, you may be interested in some of the informative free features on my site like the free birth chart calculator. This calculator provides you with your astrology report or all of your signs and placements. This chart provides you with your sun sign or your zodiac sign which you may already know. However, it also tells you your moon sign which represents your inner personality and encompasses the heart. Additionally, you can learn about your Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter signs which can give you more understanding about your personality and your thought processes. This astrology report in an in depth look into how you have been influenced by the stars and what this means for you. You can also get your daily forecast from this calculator which shows you the current astrological placements.

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