Happy 30th Birthday, July 7th, Leo Queens & Kings! 

First off, I want to say, your life is not over! Your 20’s were a time of laughter, love, and learning. While we continue to love, laugh, and learn in our 30’s, there is usually a little bit less “learning” and a little bit more “I’m getting the hang of this thing called life!”.

Secondly, I want to say, it’s your party you can cry if you want to. But then, you’re a Leo, so you already knew that, am I right!? But seriously, if you’re a “typical Leo” you will probably have already reminded your friends a week early that you are having a pool party at your place and will be making your favourite dishes and expecting an abundance of compliments on how nice your bathing suit is and how delicious your cooking is. Confidence is key for distinguishing who is a Leo in a crowd. Just look for the person working the room, telling the most dramatic story, and say Happy Birthday, cause you found a Leo.

No? This doesn’t sound like you? Why are my horoscopes never right and my personality doesn’t match my star (or sun) sign?

I’m about to tell you something that in ALL of your 30 years you may never have known before today…Your personality may not match your sun sign because your MOON sign may be completely different.

Your personality may not match your sun sign because your MOON sign may be completely different.

A moon sign? What? I just figured out my sun sign and now we are adding a whole other sign? Yep, adulthood my friends, just learning more and more each day about who we are.

What is a moon sign? 


In astrology lingo, your star (or sun) sign tells you your zodiac personality; the Capricorn, Aquarius, etc. This is your zodiac personality, which more represents your outer personality (the ones we show people on a regular basis). Meanwhile, your “moodier moon sign” as I like to call it, represents your emotions, your inner mood, your more “hidden”, but still very true, self.


This is often a reason why people don’t fully relate to the characteristics that are spoken of in relation to their sun sign.

What is your moon sign? 

So what does it take to figure out my moon sign!? To get the most accurate results, we need place of birth, time of birth, and exact date. The moon changes approximately every 2 days and some days there are two moon signs that split up the day, and some days there are just one moon sign for the whole day; that’s why time of birth matters. Click here to get your moon sign!

OK, now that you understand what a moon sign is, you Lucky Leo born on July 7th 1989, here is your moon sign (may be subject to change based on time).

So, why did the explanation of the boastful Leo who wants to be the center of attention at the birthday party maybe not sound like your actual cup of tea, July 7th 1989 Leo?

Because your Moon sign is actually in VIRGO. Yes, Virgo’s and Leo’s are very different.

Let me explain. 

Lunar Virgos find happiness in the little things in life. They enjoy running errands, paying bills, balancing books, taking care of these things give them a sense of inner peace. When these things are not taken care of, be sure to hear some nagging from a Lunar Virgo as it truly does affect their mood.

To appreciate a Lunar Virgo is to love a Lunar Virgo. Lunar Virgos are at their best when they feel needed and appreciated.

So unlike a typical Leo, you are often shy with new people. So maybe that’s why the idea of having a backyard BBQ birthday with your closest friends is much more appealing than going out to the club or having all eyes on you all the time.

Want to know more about your moon sign?

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