You’ve braced for the Mercurial retrograde, but are you prepared for the Saturn – Pluto astrological conjunction? Mercury’s retrograde and subsequent “retroshade” have finished, but that does not mean you can relax just yet. There is a break in bad luck for December, but another major event is coming in January 2020. The Saturn – Pluto conjunction will happen on the 12th, threatening us with the possibility of malevolent events. While an astrological conjunction may not be as dangerous as an opposition, any Saturn – Pluto interaction could be threatening. 

What is an astrological conjunction?

An astrological conjunction is when two planets are within 10* of each other in the sky. At this time, the planets work together to both amplify and augment the other’s influence. As the two planets move closer, this effect becomes stronger. January 12th is the peak of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, when both planets will occupy Capricorn at 47*.

When planets compliment one another, such as the emotional, subconscious Moon with beautiful, lustful Venus, a conjunction is beneficial. If the influential energies of the planets involved clash, though, the outcome on Earth can be dangerous. When the disciplinary and life-lesson filled Saturn is in conjunction with chaotic and transformative Pluto, events could be terrible. Usually, anything with Pluto is bad.

An opposition, mentioned earlier, is the exact opposite of a conjunction. Rather than occupying the same space, planets in opposition are at opposite ends of their respective orbits. While a conjunction involves the two planets working together, an opposition has each planet fighting for dominance. This amplifies each respective planet’s influence in a wave-like fashion, swinging back and forth like a pendulum. While a conjunction usually concerns a certain day or week, an opposition can last multiple months. The next Saturn – Pluto opposition does not happen until 2035.

How often does an astrological conjunction happen?

Astrological conjunctions happen at different times, depending on which two planets are involved. Luckily, a Saturn – Pluto conjunction only happens once every 33-38 years. Saturn – Pluto oppositions also happen every 33-38 years, but evenly offset between the conjunctions.  The last three conjunctions and their major events have been;

  • 1914 – The year when the first World War began,


  • 1947 – The beginning of the Cold War, which lasted until 1991,


  • 1982 – The beginning of a major recession in the United States.

Is the Saturn – Pluto conjunction bad?

A Saturn – Pluto conjunction is commonly considered a herald of bad events, but this is really a matter of perspective. At its core, the conjunction is simply a driving force of change. Though these events cause major disruptions in our lives, this could mean room is made for future growth. Dire events often lead to forceful change in modern culture. Optimism and flexibility in a time of strife can be very beneficial, leading to a strong and experienced future. 

Will the Saturn – Pluto conjunction affect me?

People born under the conjunction in previous years will be most affected under the conjunction. This is because conjunctions can affect the personality of someone born under their influence. When societal trends begin to match a person’s personality, these influences are highlighted. 

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