I’m here to teach you and all the services I offer are to help assist your spiritual journey and point you in the right direction. Depending on the aspect of your life you would like to explore further or if you’re looking for answers about your career, family, love or anything else you may be facing, contact me! I would love to do a reading for you and guide you through the challenges your facing. If you’re unsure of what service you would like exactly or are interested in learning more, please fill out my contact form and I will get back to you shortly.

Tarot Cards

Curious to know what your cards have in store for you? Tarot readings are a powerful way to help you find answers to your deepest and most important life questions. Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and are still helping people today. The cards will give you a unique perspective on your current situation. Each card has a different meaning and depending on which order you choose a card, the position it’s in- you will be given an answer to what you’re seeking.

Learn more about your sign

What does your sign say about you? Your zodiac personality traits may change with the moon and sun. Find out what events are to come for you this month and somethings you should be expecting. Our horoscopes help us figure out ourselves and why we are a certain way. We have certain characteristics that we can’t always explain, our horoscopes help us understand ourselves.














I offer charts to help guide you through a specific area of your life you’re curious about or looking for more information. Your chart is yours forever and you can keep it to always refer to it when you’re in need of immediate guidance. I will e-mail you your chart and if you would like to chat about it, we can set-up a phone call to discuss it further.

The charts I offer:

A Birthday Package which includes: Personalized Transits and Solar Return charts
Natal chart
Synastry (relationship) chart

Curious how it works?


Tarot Cards:

I will do a tarot card reading for you over the phone (or on web cam?). If you would like to book a tarot card reading with me, fill out my contact form and pick a date and time on the calendar. I will e-mail you confirming the date and time of your reading. To prepare for your reading, please do some meditation exercises to ground yourself as much as possible.


I only do my readings through a phone call with you to protect your energy. If you would like to book a reading with me, fill out my contact form and pick a date and time available on the calendar. I will e-mail you confirming the date and time of your reading. Based on the challenge you’re facing, I will help you pick the reading you will need unless you specify otherwise. You will be given a recording of our conversation to keep for life! Readings are booked for an hour and can be longer if you would like.


If you would like to purchase a chart, please fill out my contact form below. I will e-mail you your chart so that you can keep it forever. If you would like to discuss your chart with me over the phone, pick a date and time on the calendar and e-mail me to let me know. I would love to discuss your chart with you!


I can do three different readings for you; symbolism, numerology and astrological readings.

Depending on the specific challenge you’re facing, I will make sure you get the correct reading. I want you to have the most beneficial and comfortable experience. There are no limits to your reading, I want you to be as open as possible with me and our reading will go where it needs to. I book readings in for an hour typically, every reading is unique and I may feel that you will need more time- I can let you know and book you in for additional time. If you feel you will need more than an hour, just let me know. I will need time to prepare for your reading properly and therefore please do not book readings with more less than 24 hours.

Let The Stars Guide You

"Andari is very accurate and gifted; I was truly amazed by my chart reading. Each day forward, since then, I have noticed these things coming to light. Feeling very positive and looking forward to what will become. I will definitely be booking a group reading for my family and friends. They would truly appreciate this experience."


Miss Michele G.
"Andari read my Synastry Chart, and I was blown away with the detailed insights she presented me. Was well worth it... she is right on the money... truly gifted and very knowledgeable... I highly recommend The Prosperity Tree... awesome."


Ray E.
"I was introduced to Andari and her gifts through a mutual friend who recommended I consider her perspective during a particular period of stress for me. She has emphatic clarity and shares messages, themes and lessons with respect, love and true caring. Andari genuinely cares about those who seek her out. As a result of meeting her for my stressful life event, I now choose to regularly seek out her guidance and support as it was so valuable to me."


Christine W.

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