Are you having issues with your significant other? Maybe you have someone special in mind, but you are unsure if dating is the right path for the two of you. Many other issues in life can acquire clarity by consulting astrology. Why should relationships be any different? Well the study of synastry is here to give you insight into your love interests.

What is synastry, and how does synastry work?

Synastry, stemming from the Ancient Greek word Sunastria, is the observation of the positioning of the planets and their effect on a relationship. The foundation of synastry is based around your natal chart. This is a record of the locations of the planets at the time and location of your birth. Astrologists look at the charts of two different people and identify various patterns and correlations between the two. Certain angles can measure compatibility in anything from emotion to ideology. 

Synastry also concerns the positioning of the celestial bodies within various astrological regions. Certain planets have a major theme associated with them, and the region they reside in determines the status of that theme. For instance, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all considered to be “personal planets”. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn are the social planets, and Uranus. In other words, bodies that influence your personal and interpersonal attributes, respectively. 

Why should I start looking into synastry?

Almost everyone in the world finds themselves in a relationship at least once in their lives despite the rising number of single people in Canada. Compatibility is a serious concern for most of these people. They all want to ensure that the time they spend could blossom into something beneficial. While there is no absolute way of determining compatibility, there are ways of finding out the potential a relationship has.

Synastry looks to the spiritual world for advice on if relationships are destined to prosper. While other techniques hinge on how personalities complement one another, synastry is based in a more concrete idea. While the idea of “the alignment of planets” may leave you skeptical, it is an idea supported by renowned psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. In his book, “Synchronicity”, Jung investigates possible correlations between random events free of cause and relationships. 

In one study, Jung collected hundreds of horoscopes from happily married couples. He first took half of the group and randomized every horoscope. Then he used data from the un-randomized half to try and pair up the original horoscopes. After doing this multiple times, Jung deduced that horoscopes, and astrology by association, could have a link to healthy relationships. Without astrological data, Jung discovered the origins of synastry. 

What is cuffing season, and what does it have to do with Synastry?

Synastry can be used at any time throughout the year, but upcoming October signals the beginning of “cuffing season”. This annual phenomenon is when single people are most likely to start a relationship for holiday season. Within the span of six months, until cuffing season ends in March, North America celebrates five different major holidays. From the mild Thanksgiving to the serious Valentine’s Day, coupling up is much more likely. 

There are a few proposed reasons behind the psychology of cuffing season. Researchers suspect the biggest reason is the societal pressure to have a relationship during these months. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas bring families together, leaving occasions to be seemingly interrogated by family members about relationships.  Questions like “when are you going to settle down” or “why you are still single” can be avoided with a new significant other. During the Christmas season specifically, there is an influx of holiday themed movies where relationships are a major theme. 

Can synastry help people already in a relationship?

Maybe you are already in a dedicated relationship and everything has been going well for a while. You might even be considering one of the largest steps in a relationship; marriage. Tens of thousands of couples get married every year, with a large majority opting to tie the knot in the Fall. According to Zola, a highly popular American wedding registry, 40 percent of all weddings in 2018 happened in the Fall. Sadly, many of these marriages tend to end over the next decade or two. The majority of divorces actually happen within the first 8 years, frequently in the month of January. 

Synastry offers a deeper insight into possible compatibility within a couple. While you may have had a very happy few years so far, synastry could highlight the possibility of an issue starting later on in life. Consulting a reputable astrologer for a natal chart reading provides another line of support for any couple hoping they have found “the one”. Tarot card readings and psychic readings can bolster these findings, providing a truly individualized idea of how a relationship may age. Synastry predicts compatibility while tarot cards and psychic readings predict individual hurdles in life. You may find someone who is a great fit, but it will be of no help if you move to a new city for work.

Can synastry be used for a friendship?

Synastry is mainly used for romantic relationships, but it can be used for any relationship in your life – including friendships! At its core, synastry is simply the comparison of two natal charts and gathering information from them. This can be applied to a friendship as easily as it is applied to a romance. You could even find a synastry chart between you and your phone.

A friendship can benefit from a synastry chart in a variety of ways, despite how close two friends may be. Two best friends may get their synastry chart to evaluate if sharing an apartment is the right choice. Alternatively, two new friends could get their synastry chart to understand the boundaries and limitations to their friendship. This can help the two understand the boundaries and guidelines to make sure their friendship lasts. 

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