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If you are interested in astrology, but don’t have a very good grasp of what astrology is or its benefits, then I’ve got something for you! Click here to sign up to receive my free astrology Ebook! The ‘My Left Breast is Bigger’ Ebook title refers to the idea that through growth and wisdom my heart grew bigger. As an astrologer and psychic I focus on helping others grow and learn about themselves. I have dedicated some time to create an in-depth discussion about how a professional astrologer can help give you insights into your future. This E-book explains a bit about who I am, the language of astrology and how you can communicate with the stars to better understand yourself. Keep reading for a brief look at what my Ebook has to offer and how a professional astrologer can help you in your journey through life.

History of Astrology

Learning about the history of astrology can help give you a better understanding of how it was developed and how it has been used over time. The history of astrology gives us a look into how astrology changed over time from an art form that studied and interpreted the planets and stars to generalized horoscopes as a form of entertainment that we have today. Astrology has a long history with ancient cultures and royal families considering it an art form. Looking at how long astrology has existed and how it has benefited people of various cultures in the past, we can see that astrology is not for entertainment, but rather a way to communicate with the planets and stars to better understand how they influence our lives.

What Astrology Can do For You

A professional, experienced astrologer can provide you with astrology charts to give you physical information about your signs, but also give you insight into what this information means for you specifically. An astrologer can help you to communicate with the forces of the universe that influences all aspects of your life. This new comprehension about yourself, your life and its direction, can help you to make difficult decisions and improve your way of life. With over 23 years of experience as an astrologer and psychic, I can provide you with the tools and perspective to help you manifest the life you desire and deserve. No matter what challenges you face, I am here to help give you hope for the future and direction to help to push you forward in life. If you are looking for a professional, trust-worthy and experienced astrologer, visit my website and book a consultation.

The Study of Astrology & Psychic Help

As an experienced astrologer and psychic, I have been able to utilize astrology to enhance my intuition. The movements between celestial bodies and the stars help to give predictions about aspects of your life like relationships, finances and your career. Astrology is often linked to tarot card and psychic readings as they are all ways to help communicate predictions to you. If you think you may be interested in psychic readings, it is important to find a trust-worthy, experienced and reliable psychic whose intentions are sincere. It is also important to not base your life around these predictions and make drastic change because of a psychic prediction. These predictions are meant to help guide you in your life decisions and bring you direction, positive karma and hope so that you can keep moving forward. 

Learn About Self-Development with Astrology

Self-development is important for understanding yourself and improving aspects of your life. Gaining control of your life is only possible if you choose to change the way you think. Astrology can help you to find out about yourself, what you want and what you need to do to get there. By using insights from astrology you can become in-tune to yourself and change aspects of your life in order to develop and improve yourself.

Weight Management Advice For All Star Signs

My Ebook also offers tips and advice on weight loss for each star sign which may give you some understanding about why you may be facing specific weight loss challenges. This advice is based on the traits for these signs and explains how these traits may influence you in weight loss. For example, some signs are known to have lower metabolisms or a sweet tooth while others just do not like exercise. Finding out what influences impact your weight loss can help you to determine what will work for you and what will not. Make sure to sign-up for this Ebook using the popup on my website to receive this weight loss advice.

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